Bugs / Annoyances:

  • white line where rocks/walls go into the ground - can be seen often even though we have black outline
  • slaves not touching the button when the button-press animation is played
  • slaves should play push box animation only when colliding with the box at a specific angle


  • fixed the usage of Path - Control.Instance.Init(this) called before level loading so that Control has proper links to PathControl
  • slave whose path is changed by doors gets stuck on level reload - all network nodes are set to enabled before level loading
  • jagged progress bars - blurred out the texture
  • it's possible to jump to other creatures after death or in the intro
  • scrolling on the web page needs to be switched off with javascript - we are resizing the whole embedded player so that the scroll bar does not need to be shown
  • there are some invisible obstacles that prevent slaves from seeing each other - audio colliders in wrong layer
  • tower gets culled
  • wrong bounding box for the tree, dissappears when zoomed in and it's center outside of viewing frustum
  • robot rotating too fast just before exploding, plays the wrong animation (where he is fully extended)
  • slave scratching his ass way too often
  • sound for the box - only it's final part should be played continuously
  • z-fighting in Level2 int the room with 3 lasers and the ramp (check for z-fighting in all the levels - have to do that with different camera distances)
  • it's possible to jump over the wall in the room with one laser and a lift (and some z-fighting as well) - FIXED the low wall

Sprint Backlog

Programming Art


  • align slave for button pressing
  • respawn
  • clicking through see-through walls and near avatar
  • bug in lvl 2 with slave resisting movement


  • fertile grounds
  • robot anim
  • slave anim
  • buttons
  • props + collision
  • checkpoint bug in lvl 1


  • avatar anim
  • door anim
  • laser anim
  • avatar shake-off

Visual Art

  • Robot style sheet
  • SmallHead style sheet
  • Fence style sheet
  • Door style sheet

Game Design Art

  • Trigger level
  • Box & Laser level

Done & Done

  • chained triggers
  • draft checkpoints
  • proper texture crossfade
  • Lvl switching
  • Walking up/down slopes
  • cursor change
  • Fix duplicate triggers
  • Universal trigger
  • Laser beam
  • Boxes should trigger buttons
  • Rotate camera with mouse
  • Avatar particles test
  • Multiplanar controls

Product Backlog

  • Control camera for in-game cutscenes
  • conveyor belt
  • general handling of slaves getting/not getting back to their tasks (was: AI triggers that function when "smallhead" is placed on the conveyor belt)
  • the camera zooms out, to create overview, when a big area is changing into ORGANIC
  • Slave's death (or equivalent)
  • Avatar's death (or equivalent)
  • Laser beam visuals
  • Locomotion framework - feet walking on the actual surface
  • last checkpoint solution/end of game-all lostheads collected in one room, free and happy:), trees, CANOTILLA traces and BLOOM-BLOOM
  • start screen/menu
  • background/the space around the islands
  • box cover/poster
  • one animation for pushing boxes and colliding with walls
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