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  • larval-shaped robots - this is very much related to the main charachter of the game. The small creature, caterpillar-organic-creature, that moves into the human-creatures, that are almost "dead", just doing rutines, and wake them up to "life" again.

A fragment among other fragments is drifting around in the universe.
The forest fairy CANOTILA has landed on the one fragment, where the SmallHeads are living. CANOTILA is tired of the meaninglessness and greyness that rules this place.
Through using her special power of flying from SmallHead to Smallhead CANOTILAs mission is to help the SmallHeads make it through the fragment.
They need to make it through the whole fragment to make sure that all SmallHeads help spread nature.
CANOTILA will remind the SmallHeads how it used to be, before the industry took over nature.
With the help from CANOTILA the Smallheads will walk through the whole fragment to change the place. During the trip, and as the SmallHeads see the world change from dust to plants and flowers, it helps them remember how it used to be.
All at the end, when SmallHeads have made it through the first fragment, CANOTILA will create the bridge that connects to the next fragment.

…and here is another world to change..

VOICEOVER-TESTS, right now just throwing a brainstorm

CANOTILA talking to the Small-Heads or Lost-Heads
dependent of how the player makes it through the puzzle, CANOTILA changes character
1)the friendly voice, giving information about the past=where the SmallHead is heading
2)the dark side of CANOTILA, when SmallHead is doing bad. CANOTILAs small monster appears.

„dont keep on wasting your time on this rutine work“
„look at you, your head has become so small“
„you use it to little“

„Hi lost-head“
„ooooh, it is so dusty in here“

„Smell this iron. Uarrgg. I miss the smell of flowers.
I wanna hear the butterflies sing“

„ look at this small machine. He wants to be a Bummble Bee, but every creature can see that he looks like a vacuumcleaner“

"look at yourself. You can not even move somewhere without me“
„And what about these Cable Trees? They look like a place to swing around like Tarzan, but they are dangerous .Just one swing and you would be not only a Lost-Head,but also a Dead-Head."

"Quick, over there"
"In that direction"
"Okay, now just stay here"
"I'll just leave you for a short while"

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